The WOW Lab science education R&D project is a joint initiative between the Faculties of Science and Education at McGill University. The goal of the WOW Lab is to make Kindergarten – Grade 12 science education in Canada more fun and more effective. It has created over 40 Blueprints for hands-on classroom activities, which are freely available right here. Each Blueprint is complete with all the information teachers require, including where the activity fits into the curriculum, budgets for cost and time, how to execute the activity with students, lead a classroom discussion, as well as background information, student worksheets and animations. WOW Lab researchers have spent hundreds of hours developing, creating, engineering, testing, writing, and editing science activities. Teachers, professors, and many, many, elementary and high school students have been consulted along the way. We hope you will enjoy using these activities in your classroom as much as we did creating them.

The WOW Lab was founded by science educator Brian Alters (PhD) in September 2007. Over 30 McGill undergraduate and graduate students with backgrounds in physics, math, economics, anthropology, biology, chemistry, music, education and engineering have made up the WOW Lab team, making it a truly interdisciplinary project.

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