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This is a chart that describes the various documents you can download on our Blueprint browser.

  • Intro List: A general description of the activity and the concepts it introduces.

  • Time Cost Estimate : A break down of the time needed for preparing and implementing the activity and how much it will cost.

  • Shopping List: Ready-to-print lists of required materials and tools as well as where to find them. The shopping list is divided into reusable and consumable items, it includes details on price per unit and quantities required.

  • Prep Instructions : Detailed description, including pictures and diagrams for each step of preparation.

  • Activity Instructions : Step by step instructions on how to implement the activity in the classroom.

  • Lesson : The logistics of the activity, including how to organize the class, tips for making the activity run smoothly and indeas for further exploration.

  • Student Handouts : Sample worksheets for the students that complement the activity.

  • Achievements and Competencies : Based on the Common Framework of Science Learning Outcomes, this document shows what concepts are taught in the activity and what grade they are appropriate for.

  • Inquiry : The WOW Lab activities seek to develop students' interest and excitement in science by following an inquiry-based approach to learning. The initial, in-depth and experimental procedure inquiry ideas are starting points for engaging students in meaningful discussions.

  • Additional Information: Background information on the concepts covered in the activity.

  • Glossary : Definitions of key terms and concepts that are present in the activity.

  • Resources : Books and websites for additional background information or further exploration.